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4409 Boundary Rd, Vancouver, Located at Boundary & 29th ave Vancouver, we proudly serve to Vancouver Burnaby customers.


Masala Meats, this passion was born in 2015, when we started working in meat serving business. The first store(more to come) was opened in 2019. Masala Meats became a beloved and well-established butcher in Vancouver, known for their quality product and exemplary service. Under one roof we serve indian groceries & convenience items to cut your trips to multiple stores. We started this way due to the frustration we felt at the limited selection and quality of product available. The move was in hopes of establishing a store unlike anything he could yet find; incomparable products and friendly, knowledgeable service. Today, Masala Meats has created a loyal following as has become known for its high quality meats as well as for their value added products and eateries